Drilling and Workover Services

ROTARY has a strong track record in delivering value for our clients through cost effective well construction. Our focus is on meeting our clients’ goals for their drilling projects, whilst ensuring safe, effective, trouble-free operations.

Presently ROTARY focuses on the Hungarian market and provides the following drilling and workover rig fleet:

Rig name Short rig description Rig type Drawworks Rating Working capacity
R-68 Drilling Rig ZJ 50 DB JC 50 DB 1500 HP 408 mt
R-69 Mobile Drilling ZJ 40 JC 28/11 F 1000 HP 229 mt
Lyb-42 Light Mobile Drilling/Heavy Workover Rig IDECO SBS DIR-806 IDECO H-1000 700 HP 160 mt
Lyb-43 Heavy Workover Rig IDECO SBS DIR-5506/A H 37 ED IDECO 375 HP 122 mt
Lyb-38 Workover Rig IDECO SBS DIR-5506 H 37 ED IDECO 375 HP 96 mt
Kk-23 Workover Rig IDECO SBS DIR-110 IDECO –SBS H35-CK 300 HP 54,4 mt