ROTARY’s history goes back to 1937, when production started on Budafapuszta-2 well.


  • Relocation of Company technical base to Algyő.
  • Discovery of the Vecsés oil field: youtu.be/DIpgBKRuyZg


  • Strengthening the partnership between OFS companies (Rotary, Crosco, Geoinform).


  • Refurbish Lyb-42.
  • The Company stabilized in the special economic environment affected by Covid.


  • Service fleet modernization with purchasing Coiled Tubing and Nitrogen units


  • Service fleet modernization with purchasing new Wireline units


  • Transport of R-67 rig from Iraq to Ukraine, then the rig commenced its activity there
  • R-68 rig commenced its work for MOL Plc.in the territory of Hungary


  • R-69 rig started to work for MOL Plc.


  • Purchasing and construction of R-69 rig
  • Overhaul of R-67 and R-68 drilling rigs


  • Significant income for cementing services in Albania
  • R-67 and R-68 rigs were contracted in Kurdistan
  • The company achieved the highest profit after tax in its history


  • 2 drilling and 2 workover rigs are working in Hungary
  • R-67 commences drilling the 4th, while R-68 its 2nd well in Kurdistan


  • R-67 starts drilling its 3rd while R-68 starts drilling its 1st well in Kurdistan
  • L-37 rig works for CROSCO, Integrated Drilling & Well Services, Co., Ltd. in Albania


  • R-67 rig starts its activity in Kurdistan and drills Bekhme-1 well
  • Overhaul of rigs L-37 and L-39


  • Tender application in Kurdistan with Rig R-67
  • Merge of Drill Trans Group into ROTARY
  • Increased marketing activity on the foreign markets


  • Working for MOL Plc.
  • UGGS project is completed


  • 3 rigs work on the gas storage on Szőreg
  • Integrated drilling fluid treatment and mud plant service (connected to Underground Gas Storage contract) started
  • Outstanding works for concessions (Hungarian Horizon Ltd and EXXON)
  • Acquiring 100% shares in BJ-Rotary Ltd.


  • ROTARY was acquired by CROSCO, Integrated Drilling & Well Services, Co., Ltd. on the 1st of October
  • Winning tender for Strategic Underground Gas Storages (drilling and workover of 44 wells)
  • Winning tender for Mud Plant connected to Strategic Underground Gas Storage
  • Purchase of R-67 and R-68 rigs, establishment of Mud Plant


  • Contract for 3-year duration was concluded with MOL Plc.
  • Consortium co-operations during provision of drilling/workover activities and well services
  • ROTARY decides to buy the first diesel-electric rig named R-67


  • Winning Mud Service and Tubular Handling Services contract within a frame of public procurement at the domestic market
  • Widening the relations with Operators outside of MOL group
  • mud engineering service for MOL Jemen


  • Rig-3 (Polish) DE drilling rig starts to operate in Hungary
  • Winning tender for sucker rod pump replacement
  • Concession well repair activity (waste energy utility) for Intek Company
  • Well services (underbalanced drilling) for POGO
  • Establishing plant in Algyő (East-Hungary)


  • Contracts were concluded with MOL Plc. for domestic drilling/workover activities and well services


  • Foreign Operation of ROTARY merges into CROSCO, Integrated Drilling & Well Services, Co., Ltd.
  • Acquiring ISO 14001 environmental qualification
  • Winning tenders for Mud Service and Tubular Handling Services issued by MOL Plc.


  • From May ROTARY receives all of the orders for drilling and workover activity from MOL Plc.
  • 2 drilling rigs are working in Syria
  • Rig installation on barge in Tunisia


  • 75% of market share from MOL Plc.’s orders
  • Acquiring of ISO 9002 quality assurance
  • New tenders started in Syria
  • Winning shallow sea drilling tender in Tunisia
  • ROTARY blow-out prevention team takes part in the blow-out prevention activity in Pusztaszőlős


  • R-66 rig started to work in Syria
  • Foundation of ROTARY-INVEST Ltd.


  • One of the most successful years for ROTARY, almost 100% capacity usage
  • Purchase of rig R-66
  • Successful elimination of CO2 gasblow on NL-282/A well
  • Start off Fracturing Projects on Csok-1,-2,-6, VízÉ, SasNy
  • Implementing PMS system


  • R-65 DE drilling rig preparation for Syrian project
  • Successful re-opening of Nl-416, Nl-156 wells, which were technically abandoned previously
  • Opening the 2nd phase of Zsana-É underground gas storage
  • Concession drilling activity on Dalmand-1 well


  • ROTARY started its activity in Moldova
  • In this year the company won the first long-term foreign tender (AFPC) in Syria
  • Agreement with MOL Plc. for services engagement


  • ROTARY acquires 50% of domestic market and the company managed to gain new fields, Algyő region in Hungary
  • The company started its activity in 2 foreign countries: Austria and Tunisia


  • The company form changed on 1st of October, ROTARY transformed to ROTARY Drilling Co. Ltd. from Rotary Drilling Ltd.


  • Launching activity in Austria
  • R-65 DE rig was installed for deep drilling in Kiskunság region
  • Expansion of Zsana-É gasfield


  • Launching Tunisian activity
  • Outsourcing cementing services and establishment of WESTERN-ROTARY Ltd.
  • Purchasing R-65 rig


  • Fire fighting in Kuwait
  • Procurement of Coiled Tubing Unit
  • Successful elimination of underground gas migration on KömD-1 well (3370 m)


  • The establishment of ROTARY Drilling Ltd on 1st of July.
  • On annual average 10,71 rigs were in operation, in 1990 the number of rigs were 17.


1978-1990 KFV
1957-1978 DKFÜ
1952-1957 MASZOLAJ
1950-1952 B/LKV
1938-1948-1950 MAORT
1933-1938 EUROGASCO