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ROTARY Fúrási Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság (English: ROTARY Drilling Company Limited) (hereinafter: ROTARY) is very serious about protecting the privacy of your personal information and implements all technical and organisational measures required by best practices, Hungarian laws and the General Data Protection Regulation (EC 2016/679), abbreviated as “GDPR”.

The company ROTARY processes personal information in compliance with the proscribed privacy by design-default principles.

ROTARY’s information system is protected in line with the best practices and standards by physical solutions and applications developed by industry leaders. The logical and physical access to system components is managed in compliance with the applicable standards and the users are regularly trained and informed about the importance of information security and protection of information.

The specific purpose and method of processing of your personal information largely depend on the type of business relationship based on which we collect your information. We are guided by the basic personal information protection principles in our business, which means that we process information legally, transparently and fairly, that the processing is limited to the purpose for which the information was collected, and that only the information essential for this purpose is processed. We only store your personal information for as long as we have to, in order to fulfil the purpose of information processing, except in cases when legal regulations require us to store personal information for a longer period and in cases when the storing of information is required by our legitimate interests (e.g. establishment, realisation or protection of legal requirements). When processing your personal information, we are guided by the principles of accuracy, reliability, confidentiality and integrity. Access to your personal information is restricted to authorised persons at ROTARY, our business service provider partners (data processors) or to those related by ownership structure.

Several different units in our Company are working on complying with the above regulatory requirements, ensuring a multidisciplinary approach to safeguarding and protecting the privacy of our employees, customers, business partners, job candidates and other persons whose information we collect in our business. We hold regular trainings for our employees and contractually stipulate adequate protection measures with our business service provider partners.

If you disagree with ROTARY’s Personal Data Protection Policy, please refrain from using our website and sharing your personal information with us. Any changes to ROTARY’s privacy policy will be published on the website.


Data Controller and Personal Information Protection Officer

ROTARY Drilling Company Limited, H-8800 Nagykanizsa, Erzsébet tér 22. is the Data Controller.

Dr. Gábor Csetneki is the Personal Information Protection Officer at ROTARY.

Please send all your inquiries to:

Address: H-8800 Nagykanizsa, Erzsébet tér 22., attn. Personal Information Protection Officer

E-mail address:, copy:

Processing purposes and legal grounds for personal information processing

ROTARY as the Data Controller, protects your privacy and only processes the personal information that is essential to ROTARY and that has been collected as a part of ROTARY’s business activities, whether the information was provided by you or a third party or obtained from publicly available sources, for the following purposes:

  1. Fulfilment of contractual obligations – when processing is necessary to fulfil the contract that you are a party to or to take action at your request prior to concluding the contract
  2. Satisfaction of legitimate interests – when necessary, we process personal information outside of a specific contractual relationship in order to satisfy our legitimate interests. Such legitimate interests may include the following:
    • Conducting legal proceedings and maintaining records of legal proceedings
    • Discovering perpetrators of criminal offences and fraud prevention
    • Protection of persons and property
    • Fulfilment of your requests so you could help us develop and improve our services or fulfilment of our internal needs, such as audit, data analysis and research for purposes of improving our services and communication with our users
    • Answering your inquiries and comments
  1. Essential compliance with regulatory requirements – considering its diverse business activities, ROTARY is under obligation to comply with a multitude of regulatory requirements. For instance, we have to comply with the Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Prevention Act in force, tax regulations and so on.
  2. Processing of personal information for special purposes or several special purposes described by consent, solely after receiving your consent to have your personal information processed for a particular purpose. Your consent is compliant with the relevant provisions of the Regulation and given unconditionally and freely. You reserve the right to revoke your consent at any time.

Should we process your personal information for purposes not described here or outside of the purpose to which you have consented, prior to such processing, we will provide you with information about the other purpose and all other relevant information about the processing.