ROTARY has an organization (PMS) which is responsible for the maintenance, preventive maintenance, engineering, repairs and overhauls of the drilling-, workover rigs and well services equipment. The maintenance system guided by the philosophy as follows: “Equipment will be maintained in a cost effective manner, such that there is no deterioration of that equipment with respect to time”.

In order to maintain the uninterrupted well operation and as well as meet the statement of the philosophy it is a must to preserve the value of the equipment, minimise the downtime of the rigs, prevent from breakdown and malfunction, improve the performance by applying programmed maintenance, ensuring proper implementations. Continuously develop and supervise preventive actions and repairs with regards to the cost efficiency.

The maintenance system is controlled by the personnel of the PMS unit and supported by electronic maintenance system, Galiot, which contains manuals, certificates, drawings, procedures of the maintenance related tasks, also able to control the related stocks of spare parts. As well as the frequency of the preventive maintenance.