The history of Hungarian deep drilling and ROTARY Drilling Co. Ltd. goes back to 1935, when Standard Oil of New Jersey (now Exxon) acquired concession rights in Hungary and the first few drillings were completed. Hungarians were quick to learn drilling techniques from the Americans and, since then, have independently completed more than 3000 wells totalling 6 million meters in depth.

Thus ROTARY has acquired and developed a highly experienced (both in theory and in practice) team of engineers and skilled workers. The essential task from the company’s inception to the present day has been to provide the Hungarian oil industry with a first rate drilling capability.

The core activity of Rotary is the drilling and completion of HC exploration and development wells, but we are able to provide the joint services, like tubular handling, mud/fluid technology and other service.

Our company has acquired a considerable experience in the Central European drilling market taking many references from both, domestic and international partners.

ROTARY concentrates its operations mainly in Hungary, but it decided to extend its activity beyond the borders.