Integrated Management System

Our company wants to contribute to the sustainability ensuring, to the life quality improving, to preserve the actual environmental condition, to the global and local environmental and occupational requirements by the enhancement of environmental and energy performance and the improvement of work conditions.

Quality management – ISO 9001:2015

  • ROTARY’s Quality Management System is designed in accordance with internationally recognized ISO 9001:2015 standard and fulfils all requirements stipulated therein. The QMS has been certified by European Certification Service of Management Systems (ECM).
  • Our objectives are full implementation of our Quality Policy and continual improvement of the System with aim of maintaining the high quality of our services.
  • Scope: drilling and well services, well design, engineering and equipment maintenance in oil and gas industry.
  • ROTARY’s quality and business development are based on:
    • A certified system of quality management and control, and
    • Knowledge and long-time experience in design and performance related to exploration and production of oil and natural gas, tools maintenance.
  • ROTARY is building its market position by keeping regular, direct, fair and close relations with its clients, the buyers of its services. ROTARY earns client’s trust and increases customer’s satisfaction through professional help and services provided by ROTARY’s employees. Meeting clients’ needs and expectations, and attaining the planned quality of services at an optimal cost is the constant aspiration of our business.
  • The strategic commitment and objective of ROTARY is to become a globally recognized oilfield service contractor.

Occupational health and safety management – ISO 45001:2018

  • Being an Oil & Gas Industry Service provider, ROTARY is responsible to people and communities it operates in. That’s why ROTARY maintains Health & Safety (OH&S) as a core value for all employees, and a key element in our business conduct.
  • ROTARY’s commitment to OH&S starts with the Top Management and goes all the way through the organization.
  • The OH&S system is planned, documented, implemented, maintained and audited on a regular basis and incorporates responsibility and accountability and creates values for our customer.
  • To achieve our goal of OH&S excellence, we are committed to integrate OH&S practices into all of our business activities by adhering to the following goals:
    • Creating incident-free work environment, and
    • Achieving excellence and highest standards in Oil & Gas services industry
  • The OH&S system is certified according to ISO 45001:2018 and is under control by ECM.

Environmental management – ISO 14001:2015

  • In order to implement our Environmental Policy, fulfil the commitments established in the Policy and achieve set environmental objectives, ROTARY has implemented an Environmental Management System (EMS) according to standard ISO 14001:2015. System has certified and supervised by ECM.
  • The implemented EMS is the tool helping us to achieve our ultimate environmental goals/objectives, which are minimizing the impacts of our operations on the environment and avoiding any damages/losses and/or potential harms to the environment, as far as practical.
  • In performing our operations worldwide we endeavour to protect local communities, heritage and wildlife, taking into account legal requirements and local community’s environmental and other concerns.
  • Our aim is to be recognized by our environmental excellence among drilling and well service contractors and to achieve our environmental goals.
  • Our goals are to perform operations with:
    • No environmental incidents;
    • No statutory environmental liabilities; and
    • In an environmentally friendly manner.

Energy management – ISO 50001:2018

  • Energy Management System is implemented in accordance with ISO 50001:2018 standard.
  • System has certified and supervised by ECM.