Mud Plant

The Mud Plant is capable of building new water-based mud, recycling used drilling/drill-in and completion fluids, handling used and waste drilling/drill-in and completion fluids.

The plant have a 2000m3 storing capacity of mud and brine.

Description Unit Pcs of unit
Reserve tank, for max 2,1SG  WBM 120m3 pc 17
Mixing tank w agitators 20 m3 pc 3
Mixing tank w agitator 13 m3 pc 1
Technology tank w agitator 13 m3 pc 2
Technology tank 13 m3 pc 1
Clean brine tank 10 m3 pc 1
Dirty brine tank 10 m3 pc 1
Clean buffer tank 30 m3 pc 7
Waste fluid tank w agitators 30 m3 pc 5
Waste fluid buffer tank 30 m3 pc 2
Waste fluid buffer tank 20 m3 pc 2
Solid waste tank 22 m3 pc 1
Solid waste tank 4 m3 pc 1
Centr pump/wmotor Mission 55kW el.motor pc 6
Centr pump/wmotor Mission 30kW el.motor pc 2
Screw pump Netzsch pc 2
Brine screw pump pc 1
Brine centr. pump Johnson pc 1
Mud hopper pc 2
High ride mixer pc 1
Shear mixer pc 1
Shale shaker Swaco pc 1
Centrifuge High Speed (HS) pc 2
Floc unit pc 1
DE filter unit (vessel volume 600litre, filter area 40m2 ) pc 1
Cartridge filter pc 1
Mud cabine pc 1
Warehouse for chemicals 30x18m pc 1
Social cabine pc 2
Office cabine pc 1