The history of Hungarian deep drilling and of ROTARY Drilling Co. Ltd. goes back to 1935, when Standard Oil of New Jersey (now Exxon) acquired concession rights in Hungary and the first few drillings were completed. Hungarians were quick to learn drilling techniques from the Americans and, since then, have independently completed more than 3000 wells totalling 5.5 million metres in depth.

Thus ROTARY has acquired and developed a highly experienced (both in theory and in practice) team of engineers and skilled workers. The essential task from the company’s inception to the present day has been to provide the Hungarian oil industry with a first rate drilling capability.

For a prolonged period ROTARY worked only in its native Hungary. ROTARY entered the international market in 1970, when it began to work in the Rumaila Field in Iraq. Since then ROTARY has worked successfully in the snowy peaks of the Austrian Alps and in the hot desert regions of Libya, Abu Dhabi and Kuwait.

Success followed our move into the international arena when we were responsible for the extinguishing and capping of nine blowouts in Kuwait, in late 1991.

The latest major change took place on July 1st 1990, when ROTARY, with a new name, separated from KFV Oil and Gas Company with its own full staff and fleet of equipment.


The main activity of ROTARY Drilling Co. Ltd. is the drilling of exploration and development wells within the range of 400 and 5000 metres. ROTARY is prepared to drill wells for oil or natural gas production, water wells and geothermal wells.

The firm also has equipment for, and is capable of, testing, workover and well servicing jobs.
ROTARY, as stated before in “History”, has completed about three thousand wells, to a total depth of 5.5 million metres. The present average depth approximates 2300 metres, but a number of wells have exceeded 4000 metres. Our deepest borehole to date is 5400 metres.


Rotary’s greatest strength is its personnel.

ROTARY realises that its major asset is its people, all of whom have excellent knowledge, experience and working discipline and have successfully adapted themselves to severe working conditions.

Maintaining these high quality standards is achieved through a continuous program of further education and training, special courses, postgraduate courses, safety training and language courses.

Post graduate courses and trainings are completed by ROTARY’s crew mainly in Hungary:


ROTARY improved its operation by applied systems as:

  • HSE system (Health, Environment, Safety)
  • PMS system (Preventive Maintenance) for all machinery units of ROTARY, run on computerized administration
  • Integrated information
  • management system computerized on IS2 modules for: controlling, human, resources, spare parts stock level, etc.
  • Quality Management, ISO 9002:1994 certified in May 2000
  • ISO 14001:1996 certified in January 2002